My son-in-law and I were fortunate to experience our first Sayulita sport fishing outing in January of 2017. We were put in touch with Juan Munoz of Saltman Ocean Adventures and Danny Gomez of Dhamar Sportfishing by a trusted friend and colleague, and we weren’t disappointed.

The day started early for us with Juan picking us up at Casa Norte at six in the morning for the quick twenty minute drive to the marina south of Sayulita. We stopped at a local sandwich shop by the marina for our lunch, and coffee to wake us up as we sailed to the best fishing spots. Unlike many of the other sport fishing companies, we were going to fish for our live bait and would be going after Red snapper,  Dorado (Mahi-mahi), and Amberjacks. We loaded our gear and met the rest of the crew; Danny Gomez, and Danny Gomez Jr. It was obvious that this crew knew their craft well, and worked as a team for some time.

After we caught our bait for our day we were ready to go after bigger fish. The crew was meticulous, laughing throughout the morning and we learned about each of their journeys to get to a profession that they truly loved where they were experts in their field. Juan grew up in Panama, and came from a family of fisherman. Danny’s story was similar, and Danny Jr. was going to a local college, but focusing on the tourism industry. In between catching fish, Danny Jr., made Ceviche from a tuna catch from the week prior.

At the end of the afternoon we left with two Dorado’s, an Amberjack that we gave to the marina security guard, numerous Amberjack’s that we released, and a likely large Red snapper that broke the line as it dove under the rocks.

If you get the chance to experience sport fishing outside of Sayulita you will truly have a memory that will last a lifetime.

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