A supplied image obtained Dec. 14, 2015 of surfers around the world have gathered in Mazatlan in Mexico to commemorate Australian tourists Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas who were murdered in Mexico last month. (AAP Image/Facebook) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Our piece of heaven in Sayulita, Mexico was hit with tragedy when surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman were killed traveling to Guadalajara.

We didn’t know Dean and Adam, but Sayulita is a close knit community of international and local surf enthusiasts and the town is embodied by art, yoga, music, culture, family and a community that helps and supports those in need.

Thanks Storm and Courtney Richardson for assisting in some of the local donation efforts and asking us to donate our house in Sayulita, for their family and friend accommodations for the week. We hope that the healing power of the Sayulita community, ocean and pueblo give Dean and Adam’s family some emotional resolve. A family friend has setup a GoFundMe account.

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